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1. Products

  • What are Papernomads made of?
    Our products are made of organic materials. Their skin is our patented paper composite which consists of several alyers of paper and bio-polymers. The other ingredients are cotton, sheep wool produced by happy Australian sheep and a pull-strap made from hemp fibers.

  • Why do you use paper to manufacture laptop sleeves?
    Have a look around and ask yourself: why are most sleeves or covers for mobile elctronic devices made from plastic? You may find that plastic lasts for a long time - in most cases it lasts a lot longer than desired and therefore becomes a problem to dispose of. If most electronic devices are designed to last just a couple of years, why do you need a sleeve that lasts for eternity? Paper is a soothingly analogue material - the perfect counterbalance to the metal and plastic world that surrounds us. Paper ages in grace, it becomes increasingly valuable as it collects marks and traces and by doing that it becomes a canvas for your own memories: it begins to tell your story. That's why we use paper.

  • How durable are Papernomads?
    We and some of our friends have been testing our products over a period of 14 months and we are convinced that your Papernomad will outlive your iPad, laptop or mobile phone. Compare it with Tupperware: those plastic bowls are almost indestructible - your wine glasses are not. But would you drink a good red out of a plastic cup?

  • What happens if my Papernomad gets wet?
    Nothing. Let it dry and it will look like nothing ever happened. You shouldnt put your Papernomad into the washing machine or use it in the bath tub. But if you spill your coffe on it or carry it on a rainy day, it will cope and dry.

  • Why don't you use recycled paper?
    Recycled paper contains harsh chemicals and residues from the printing process which could render our products 'toxic". 

  • Some Papernomads contain magnets - can they affect my hard drive?

2. Shopping

  • Can I buy Papernomads anywhere else?
    We are constantly expanding our network of retailers, but for the moment our online store is the fastest and most convenient way to get your hands onto a Papernomad. This is where you can buy our products offline:


    Australia: Notemaker
    Canada: Roots
    China: Hesign
    Germany: Format | Gestalten | Partikel
    Saudi Arabia: Handy-b
    USA: Eurostyleyourlife
  • Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?
    If you want to become a reseller of our products or want to buy a larger quantity, pimp them with your own drawings and resell them, get in touch: office@papernomad.com. In our online store we limit the number of items per customer, but we are always happy to talk about new ideas.

3. Payments

  • My credit card doesn't work...
    If you are paying by credit card, the shipping address must match the billing address of your credit card. If you want your purchase to be sent to a different address, please use your Paypal account or send us an email to shop@papernomad.com and we find a solution. We will continue to improve the payment thing, but for the moment we have to deal with Paypal.

4. Shipping

  • How fast can you ship?
    If you order before 11h Pacific Standard Time or 15h Central European Time, we ship your product on the same day. Our standard shipping takes 5 to 6 days to almost anywhere in the world. Some destinations - Canada in particular - may incur significant delays due to customs, please accept our apology on behalf of the customs authority. We currently do not offer expedited shipping.

  • What happens if I want to return my product?
    You would ruin our day. But if there is anything wrong with the product we sent to you, you can return it to us and we refund your money (1). In such a case please make sure that it doesnt show any signs of wear or tear and that it comes back to us in its original box.

(1) Terms & Conditions apply.